System and Biomedical Engineering Group

Kuo-Kai Shyu, Professor & Chief Secretary of NCU Univ.
Education Ph.D. of National Cheng-Kung University
Research Interests Variable Structure Control, AC Motor Control, Mechanical Arm Control
ROOM:E1-401 Ext:34463

Yau-Tarng Juang, Professor
Education Ph.D. of National Taiwan University
Research Interests Control Engineering, Speech & Delineation Discrimination
ROOM:E1-346 Ext:34452

Wen-June Wang, Professor
Education Ph.D. of National Chiao-Tung University
Research Interests Fuzzy Theory, Control System, Robot, Image Processing
ROOM:E1-350 Ext:34456

Faa-Jeng Lin, Professor
Education Ph.D. of National Tsing Hua University
Research Interests AC and ultrasonic motor drives, DSP-based computer control systems, fuzzy and neural network control theories, nonlinear control theories, power electronics, and micro mechatronics
ROOM:E1-332 Ext:34532

Po-Lei Lee, Professor
Education Ph.D. of National Yang-Ming University
Research Interests EEG processing, Image processing, Medical Ultra
ROOM:E1-336 Ext:34536

Jang-Zern Tsai, Associate Professor
Education Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison,Madison,Wisconsin,U.S.A.
Research Interests Wireless Sensor Networks, Biomedical Sensor Chips, Biomedical Instrumentation Design and Signal Processing
ROOM:E1-349 Ext:34455

Chao-Min Wu, Associate Professor
Education PhD,Biomedical Engineering,The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
Research Interests Speech Production Mechanism, Physiological system control and modeling, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Bioinstrumentation and speech and hearing instrument
ROOM:E1-338 Ext:34538

Cheng-I Chen, Associate Professor & Vice Chairman of EE Dept.
Education Ph.D. of National Chung-Cheng University
Research Interests 1.Energy Information and Communication Technology
2.Instrumentation and Measurement
3.Digital Signal Processing
ROOM:E1-326 Ext:34526

Jing-Jye Lin, Lecturer
Education University Master of Feng-Chia University
Research Interests Control System Design, Intelligent Automatizing Engineering, Microcomputer Control Applicationssound
ROOM:E1-333 Ext:34533  

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