Department of Electrical Engineering,
National Central University

1. Applicable objects





2. Introduction

The domain of Electrical Engineering technology is extensive and covers both basic research and technology applications, so the courses of the department have to be well designed with the times. We usually provide basic courses for the prior-year students of undergraduate school, and courses and research programs with prospective and international views for students of the junior, senior and graduate school, in order to train students to cope with their future job and academic research.

Besides publishing research achievements on academic journals, we also provide perfect research environments such as research labs, instruments, computers, and related hardware to train students to have the ability to do research independently. We expect that students who graduate from the department not only with the trend but also can establish a milestone in the rapid developing high-technology industry and academic fields in their future.

3.Requirements for Graduation





24 credits
(including 6 credits for required courses & 4 semesters for Seminars)

18 credits
(including 6 semesters for Seminars)

Duration of

1~4 years

2~7 years


● Pass an oral defense of thesis.
● Journal Review
● Elective Courses

● Pass doctoral candidacy qualification examination within the first five semesters.
● Journal Review
● Elective Courses
● Publish at least two papers in internationally recognized journals.
● Pass an oral defense of dissertation.

4. Research Facilities & Lab

 ●Mix Signal & Integrated Circuits Design Lab

 ●Digital Signal Processing and System-on-Chip Design Lab

 ●Microwave & RF Integrated Circuits Lab

 ●Microwave and Optoelectronic Devices Lab

 ●Solid-State Electronics Lab

 ●Semiconductor Device Characterization Lab

 ●Power Electronics and Signal Processing Lab

 ●Biomedical System Modeling and Speech and Hearing Research Lab

 ●Intelligent Dynamic Control System Lab

 ●Intelligent Control Lab

5. Research Facilities & Lab (● Required ◎ Optional)





Study Plan

Research Proposal

Two Letters of Recommendation

TOEFL or Other Evidence of English Proficiency

Evidence of Chinese Proficiency

Related Academic Publications

 Please choose “one” of the following groups to apply:
  (1)Integrated Circuits and Systems Group
  (2)Solid State Group
  (3)System and Biomedical Engineering Group
  (4)Electromagnetic Waves Group

6. Contact Information

 T:+886-3-4227151 ext.34567、34568、34478


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